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Here are four exciting 1 day seminar events we're offering! Michael and I would love for you to join us and experience any and all of these events!

In each full day hands-on seminar/workshop, you'll learn to use NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and hypnosis techniques to enhance your life success.

In our newest offering, NLP for Dating, we explore how to develop rapport (positive connections) for establishing new relationships and strengthening old ones.  We share explicit techniques and tips for effective unconscious connecting and attraction in social and dating contexts. 

In our NLP for Sales seminar, you'll learn to boost your sales and personal persuasive power more than you ever thought possible!

 In our NLP for Personal Development seminar, you'll learn the tools enabling you to enjoy life more!! Learn incredible NLP subconscious communication tools for personal enhancement, self development, and success.

In our Self Hypnosis Training, you'll learn about hypnosis, and experience hypnosis. You’ll learn and practice self-hypnotic inductions. You’ll learn how the mind works, how to craft and use the language of unconscious influence, goal setting, and how to put these amazing tools together in a self-hypnotic process to effect powerful and positive personal change.

Our 2015 schedule:

Power of Mind Workshops
----NLP for Personal Development:  June 6, 2015
----Rapport & Relating, NLP for Dating:  June 13, 2015
----Self Hypnosis:  June 20, 2015
NLP for Sales and Business Success:  June 27, 2015


1 Day Seminar on Rapport and Relating - NLP for Dating

Discover easy ways to attract and keep your partner! Build deep, satisfying relationships with the person of your dreams.  Rapport, estate management, and effective communication are the topics in this hands-on learning event.

Your Trainers, Connie & Michael Brannan, Licensed Trainers of NLP (tm)1 Day Seminar NLP for Personal Change & Success

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can be defined as: the study of human excellence. If it weren't already taken, the slogan for NLP could be: "Be all that you can be." Yes, you can. We'll help you get there, with the transformational secrets you'll learn in this amazing 1-day event.

 Now is the time to improve your life!! Learn and experience incredible subconscious communication tools for personal (& business) success, and pumping up your joy and fulfillment. It's all about crafting your own experience of life, "driving your own bus," as co-creator of NLP, Richard Bandler, says.

 Learn simple techniques you can use immediately to increase personal satisfaction, self confidence, influence and power. Eliminate undesirable habits! Program in more useful ones. Control your emotional states and more!

This seminar/workshop is hands on, with class demonstrations and exercises as well as lecture. So you can expect a very interactive and experiential training event. You will learn with not one, but TWO Licensed Trainers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (tm), Connie & Michael Brannan.

Our price for this seminar is $97 to enjoy the FULL day's experience. Ample free parking available. We'll be providing coffee, decaf, tea, and pastries in the training room. There's a nice restaurant on site as well as numerous other choices nearby for lunch.

Space is limited, so sign up now to guarantee yours!
Location: Bellevue, Washington 98004

Your Trainers, Connie & Michael Brannan, Licensed Trainers of NLP (tm)

1 Day Seminar NLP for Sales and Business Success

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is an amazingly powerful set of tools that will enhance your rapport with clients and sales prospects, and employees, increase your persuasive abilities and influence, and skyrocket your bottom line. We're talking SALES, we're talking about positive influence, and motivation. This powerful seminar/workshop will focus on the language of influence, both verbal, and nonverbal, gestures, body language, tonality, physical space, and how language connects with behavior. You'll learn quick techniques you can use right now, this minute, to enhance your business--and, indeed, your positive persuasive abilities in all aspects of your life.
Now is the time to build your wealth!! You’ll learn incredible subconscious communication tools for business (and personal) success--simple techniques you can use immediately to increase rapport, influence and power. Close those deals, so easily, and develop business relationships that will endure. Taught by Licensed Trainers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®, Connie & Michael Brannan. http://www.seattlenlptraining.com
Our price for this seminar is $97, to enjoy the FULL day's experience. Free parking. Refreshments provided. Tell your friends. 

Now is the time to build your wealth!! Learn incredible subconscious communication tools for business (and personal) success, and pumping up your bottom line: SALES.Space is limited, so sign up now to guarantee yours!
Location: Bellevue, Washington 98004


Your Trainers, Connie & Michael Brannan, Licensed Trainers of NLP (tm)1-day Self Hypnosis Workshop

In this full day hands-on workshop, you'll learn about hypnosis, and experience hypnosis. You’ll learn and practice self-hypnotic inductions. You’ll learn how the mind works, how to craft and use the language of unconscious influence, goal setting, and how to put these amazing tools together in a self-hypnotic process to effect powerful and positive personal change.

 --Activate unconscious problem solving

 --Increase motivation, energy, personal power

 --Let go of undesirable habits, install better ones

 --Enhance creativity

This powerful seminar/workshop shows you how to unleash the infinite power within you to achieve all this and so much more! You'll learn to reprogram your own mind to act in ways you desire. Your mind and your body will be working together--for your health and success!! This amazing and experiential workshop/seminar is taught by Master Hypnotists and Licensed Trainers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Connie & Michael Brannan. http://www.seattlenlptraining.com
Hypnotic change is immediate, powerful and lasting!  Our for this seminar is $97 for to enjoy the FULL day's hypnotic experience. Incredible!  

Talk to us for info or questions

PS: Now is the time to build your life the way you want it!! Learn incredible hypnotic processes and communication tools for your success and power.


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Your Trainers, Connie & Michael Brannan, CHts. & Licensed Trainers of NLP

Your Trainers, Connie & Michael Brannan


Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP, Hypnotherapists - Hypnotists, Bellevue, WA 

Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP is an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau of Western WA. Rating: A+.

Student Comments:

"Meeting you and Michael was THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME. It has changed my life completely in such a positive way. I refer EVERYONE to you, hands down!!! Thank You for everything!!!" --Kirsten Harris, Seattle, WA.

"This is more exciting than my trip to China! I would like to tell you people how incredible getting this training in NLP is going to be for your life. I have to tell you that Connie and Michael are two of the most fantastic teachers I've ever had. I have a Masters degree plus  credits from places like Harvard and the University of Michigan so I've had teachers, and I know that these guys are amazing! You're going to be able to change people's lives and fulfill your dreams." --Gaia Hawkin, Kirkland, WA

"Dear Connie & Michael -What a pleasure to meet and train with both of you! Thanks for providing a cozy, fun and supportive training environment. I enjoyed meeting the other students, having opportunities to practice new skill and learning new concepts. Thanks for providing this!" -- Jan Bondar, Seattle, WA

"Thank you for the great sales class, I've been closing deals like crazy this week!" --Kevin Selkowitz, Seattle, WA.

"Hi Connie!!! I had my best selling day yesterday! Got congratulations from my boss and my whole team! Thank you! I am calm, confident, articulate, tenacious...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!"
--Candi, Mercer Island, WA

"My name's Kathy and I have completed the Master Practitioner course in NLP with Connie and Michael. I would like to recommend this course and all of their courses, any training from Connie and Michael. They are superb teachers...This training will change your life." -- Kathy Lester, Seattle, WA.

"Dear Connie and Michael, Thank you for an amazing workshop. You are both dynamic, and interesting. The information was easy to understand and follow. I definitely got all my expectation and needs met by attending the workshop. And all the material handouts were informative and a great aid. I have been inspired by the new information presented, to apply it to particular current patients/clients of mine. Thank you so much."
Sonja Merz, Kirkland, WA

"The NLP for Sales Seminar was great. I really found the techniques to be user friendly and easy to incorporate into my sales presentation.

The work shop was stellar...we especially like the way the two of you work together.

Ezzie is excited about NLP now, and wants to learn more." --Alan A., Mill Creek, WA.

"Very useful techniques to use in changing your life. Highly recommend it!" --Sheena Chandra, Bellevue, WA.

"...Good stuff!! I'll be using it." --Nichole S, Kirkland, WA

"It was fantastic!" --Jose Rivera, Seattle, WA

"Connie and Michael, The workshop was very valuable. I left with a growing understanding of the field of NLP. The more I see it demonstrated, the more I appreciate the power of the mind in all aspects of our lives. A day later, using memory and visualization, I can still recite the names of every one in attendance.

Having left with a treasure trove of articles from Connie, and clarity as to the intent of NLP from Michael, I'm ready to put my knowledge into practice.

Thank you for a very informative workshop." --Patricia Klinger., Bellevue, WA.

"Thank you for giving such a fun, interactive, and enlightening workshop! I left the event with many gems." --Toni Best, Kirkland, WA

"Great NLP event. Good information for making sales and also improving personal development. I liked your practical examples mixed with helpful information, I hope you do more. " -- Chris Wilde., Seattle, WA.

"Dotty and I just want to thank you for your course. We enjoyed every moment and know that we now have tools to help us achieve our goals. We look forward to being in your classes in the future. Sincerely, Marty and Dotty Platzner"

"I studied under Connie to learn Neuro Linguistic Programming, and I am proud to report that at my new position I made a record number of sales IN ONE DAY that this company had NEVER SEEN previously. I recommend Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP to EVERYONE, and after witnessing my sales prowess, my employer now wants to meet with Connie." Kirsten H, Olympia, WA

"I went to a seminar Connie led at Bellevue College TELOS programs. I was struck at once by her innate kindness and her genuine concern for all of us in the class. I was so helped that I signed up for her training program so that I could give others the type of amazing, healing experiences I was having. As a person who has been a teacher since 1967, I have run and been in over 350 credit hours worth of classes. I can say very honestly, I have never had such outstanding teachers before, and doubt I will see many even half as good in the future! Every day I face and do things I never believed possible before. I know I sound over the top, but I am so happy with her services that over the top is the only way to go." Gaia H., Kirkland, WA


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